Radio La La

Well, sometimes there is nothing more terrifying that my wife using the hairdryer.

Due to the strange energies that surge through Northampton (not entirely undue to our glorious leader methinks) my poor old Freeview signal hangs by a thread (quite literally – the ariel is held in a rough string cradle precariously fastened to my loft’s rafters) – thus the hairdryer’s electrical interference was about to disrupt something very exciting. Exciting for anyone interested in the entity known as Dodgem Logic. ¬†Hopefully you fall in to this category. Hello!

Thankfully the hair was dried in time for¬†Ally Dunn, stalwart of BBC Northampton to chat audibly to Lauren Laverne on 6music about the town via my yellowing television. She only went and talked about the magazine on 6music! I’m sure it’ll be on listen again tomorrow or something if you are as desperate as myself when it comes to reliving moments when your life doesn’t seem like a waste of time and resources. That’s how this whole internet thing works, isn’t it? Everything is there if you look hard enough, even person affirmation. That’s got to make up for all the rubbish, hasn’t it?

It made me smile (which is quite an achievement in itself), and added 6 more people to our twitter feed. Not perhaps the torrent of followers I may have hoped for, but if I got everything I ever wanted I would be unbearable.

Right – on with the day. Hopefully there will be more delight to come – I fear the day may have peaked too early in the great-stakes.

Oh, I almost forgot – buy the magazine please – It will make everything less horrible for a short while.