Dodgem Logic Magazine – Blog the First

Dodgem Logic Magazine’s very own blog. You may very well see the cogs underneath the bonnet of this madcap publication – it may not be pretty, the gears may grind, and this blog could be the diary of a protracted nervous breakdown – but what the hell.

Let’s do this!

First things first, I am not Alan Moore. I do know him, but I won’t be able to pass on messages or anything to him. I’m not his secretary, and any such requests will be ignored at best. I am my own person, with hopes and dreams – I am not a stepping stone on your career in comics. I know I haven’t really done anything with my life, but I have feelings. Feelings that sometimes confuse me, which can lead to terrible, terrible consequences. It may be how I ended up as Assistant Editor – I’m still not entirely sure exactly what happened.

Second, we don’t accept unsolicited submissions for the magazine at the moment. That means that if we didn’t ask for it, the response will be a polite ‘No thank you’. Please don’t think this doesn’t apply to you – it probably does. We have an awful lot of material already, and we hardly have any time to see our friends or family as it is without having to read through all the wonderful prose and illustrations that we never asked for. This may change in the future, but the future is a big place, so please don’t do it now. It would be considered rude.

Third, we don’t sell any ad space in the magazine. So there.

Fourth, you will not find any magazine in print quite like this one. Cherish it, tell your friends, spread the word. We are not like anything else out there.

Fifth – I think that’s it for now.

Right, back to work!

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